Reneurja Power LLP


  • Electricity Procurement for large Industrial/Commercial consumers through mechanism of Open Access
    • From Power Exchanges (IEX/PXIL)
    • Through Bilateral Mode for Short Term/Medium Term
    • From Renewable Energy Sources (Wind/Solar/Hydro/Biomass)
  • Natural Gas Procurement for large Industrial consumers from India’s first delivery based Gas Exchange Platform IGX-Indian Gas Exchange
  • REC-Renewable Energy Certificate trading on Power Exchanges (IEX/PXIL) and RPO-Renewable Purchase Obligation compliance for Obligated Entities.
  • Real Time Energy Monitoring Solutions for Industrial/Commercial consumers
  • Infrastructure development for Industrial Consumers
    • 66 kV Switchyard
    • ABT compliant meter required for Open Access
    • CT-PT with 0.2S Class Accuracy
    • RTU-Remote Terminal Units required for Open Access